Things To Know About Sewing Machines Used For Industrial Purposes

Sewing is one of those ancient practices that have been in use in the modern era and the need now is even more. With the increasing population and the demand of clothes, sewing has become one of the greatest commercial needs. It is done in the big factories and also in many houses. While some people do it in home as a hobby or as the occasion demands, some undertake little projects as a way of income. These industrial sewing machines are much different from domestic sewer machines. Single sewer models allow only one worker at a time. It has other restrictions like it cannot work on all kinds of fabrics and leathers. But it can be accommodated in a very short space while an industrial machine will need more space. People who feel the need of an industrial machine need to know these things.

Heavy item:

Possibly, we have all seen those small models of sewing machines in homes that were used by the family members. These machines are not that heavy and can be easily moved from one room to another according to necessity. But industrial sewing machines need to be left where they were placed initially. These models are so bulky and heavy in comparison to the home model that these cannot be moved from their place. So, there must be a planned space for the machine from where it needs not to be moved.


Weight is not the only factor. While home models of sewing machines are small, industrial machines are big. A home model can be placed in any room easily. But second hand sewing machines need more space and there cannot be any compromise. Prepare to meet this space demand even before buying the industrial model.

Need of a supplier:

We all know that any machine will need maintenance. While smaller machines need small replacements and parts, bigger one will demand more. One may need to change more than one needle. Though the power cord is usually not in demand of frequent replacement, but one must prepare for this too. It is better to contact a supplier or more if needed to get proper supply of various materials at proper time.


All kinds of jobs do not need each and every aspect of sewing machines. There are various models of sewing machines that are made for different kinds of fabrics and works. Before buying an industrial model, it is necessary to think exactly which features are needed. This helps to get a model that will meet the demands.