The Steps To Navigate A Crisis

When engaging in the business world you are bound to encounter unpredictable situations which can be positive or negative. In such cases you need to have a systematic approach to deal with it. This would avoid drastic panic situations and help you smoothly get over the difficult patch.


Foreseeing maybe a risky task for an amateur in the industry. However, it is something usual to the senior management. It is important to carefully analyze the environment and make predications as to how your organization will be affected and the measures that it should take to gain a competitive advantage over its rivals. You could make a list of possible scenarios that could happen in the future and come up with the action that the organization could take if those scenarios occur. This would give the organization a prior preparation to allocate resources efficiently.

Assembling a team

The next thing that you should do is, to create a team of experts and amateurs who can work together and systematically the process of crisis management within the organization. By having a team, you would be able to delegate the task more efficiently. This team should have the necessary skills to convince the rest of the employees the need to act accordingly to save the organization. For instance, they should be able to work with others, share their ideas properly, clearly communicate with everyone, understand the situation of each employee, address the goals of the company and most important the ability to be patient and not panic when things are not going as planned.

Removing the potential threats

When a crisis occurs, you need to be able to remove the nearest threat that could lead to reputation loss of the business. For instance, social media carries a great weight in most cases. If you are running a software company and one of your products had a malfunctioning, then the customer who has purchased it, may complain about the product through finest social media. In such drastic situations, you should take measures to effectively show case the good values of the organization and adopt proper customer due care procedures for social media management.

This would reduce the potential losses for your company. However, you need to make sure that such issues will not arise again.