Importance Of Buying Biodegradable Tissue Paper

In the world where our science and technology has progressed so much that we have forgotten about our environment. In our busy lives we just care about us and no one else but what about the environment that is actually taking the punishment.

We have created huge industries and mega factories where at a single time almost 300 to 500 employees are working but do we care about the environment. Our environment has become so polluted that everywhere we go we see dirt and dust. Not only that but we also find chemical waste being thrown away in the sea where we find most of the wild life. In a research it has been found that in few years if the waste material is not being recycled or dumped in a safe way then chances are that our river and sea will be polluted with waste material.

People our environment is in danger. It has always been in danger since the industrial revolution has occurred. Now I don’t mean that we should close our businesses and quit, but we can start by some place in preventing any extra waste material, so why not we buy biodegradable tissue paper.

Of course every individual knows how the environment is becoming harsher and harsher day by day but no one does anything to stop it. Talking about our ozone layer that is the most important piece for earth that prevents from the harmful rays of sun. With time the ozone layer has become so weak that it can’t stop the harmful ultra violet rays of sun. As our world is progressing more and more waste is being generated with it. With no solution to stop it, we have to be ready for the worst outcome. 

Buying biodegradable tissue paper means we are one step closer in making our environment a livable place. Of course a tissue paper is noting compare to other waste materials but we have to start from somewhere. The thing with this tissue is that it can be used multiple times and also get recycled. If we look at other countries where environment is a major factor well we should learn from them. 

Every individual should take part in creating a green and clean place for the next generation to survive otherwise there will be no next generation. The government should ensure that people start buying biodegradable tissue paper although it may be a small step but something has to be done.

Every human being on earth is responsible to make the environment a better place to live otherwise in the next few years we might be living with filth which is mixed with unknown harmful chemicals which can cause our present generation to wipe out quickly. 

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