One Of The Best Ways To Say Goodbye To Your Loved Ones

Every religion has its own set of funeral rites which makes sure when a person dies he or she is sent off properly. However, all of these funeral rites finally come to the place where you have to choose to either bury or cremate the body of the deceased. All of us have to make this decision about the remains of the person who has left this world.

Among the many forms of saying goodbye to the loved ones who pass away by choosing either burial or cremation, there is now a special method. More and more people are using this option now. It contains only a few simple steps.

Cremating the Body

First of all, you have to get the body cremated. This can be arranged once all the people who knew the person who passed away come to show their final respect and bid farewell. Once the cremation is complete and the body is turned into ashes you have to gather those ashes.

Getting a Memorial Diamond Made

Once the ashes are gathered what you have to do is sending those ashes to a professional service which accepts to make a memorial diamond out of them. You can discuss with them and come to an agreement about the amount of ashes they will need. If you want to build a memorial diamond using all of the ashes, they will even do that. Once the diamond is completed they will send it back to you. Usually, the professional service which undertakes this kind of a task offers their service in the best possible manner.

Saying Goodbye to the Remaining Ashes

There are times when the ash you send to them is too much for the memorial diamond. Then, they send back the extra ashes along with the memorial diamond. You can either scatter that remaining ash at sea or in the garden of remembrance. This is actually known as one of the best ways to follow a green burial method, which concentrates on making the least amount of negative impact on the environment due to this body of the deceased. The only action which affects the environment is cremation. But compared to burial it is accepted as a far better choice.

If you want to say goodbye to your loved ones when they pass away this is the best method to follow. It does not harm his or her memory in the least and does not even harm the environment at a large scale. Besides you get to keep their memories in the form of a memorial diamond.