Why Mass Transportation Is Needed

We have been experiencing more typhoons that are stronger than the past decade, there is also an increase in sea levels which increased the chances of flooding in some areas as well as heightened the levels of flood in areas that were already experiencing it due to melting of the ice, wildfires have become more frequent, and an intense heat wave all because of clime change.

There are many factors that contribute to this phenomenon, one of which is the constant and mass usage of cars that emits carbon which it increases the greenhouse gases that heats up the earth’s atmosphere. That is why we need to lessen this human activity by means of public transport Kilsyth in order to decrease the impact that we make on our environment.


There is a need to resort to public transportation vehicles such as trains, and in order to make people be motivated to use it, there should be an expansion by making railway station in areas that are in need of it, especially in densely populated areas. Through this, it will be able to offer the service to more people that are working in the city which will not only help in decreasing carbon emission but also decrease traffic.Other options such as buses and car pooling have also been effective means to lessen carbon emission, and with the constant development on cars wherein it can be powered by means of electricity, it will surely be a great way to way to decrease the gravity of climate change.

For the future

We have greatly contributed to the damages being experienced by our planet which has created a big impact on our lives. If we continue to take part in harming our environment, then the result in the next decade would be a much harsh punishment from mother earth. And if we will not be around to suffer the consequences, then our children and their children will be the one to suffer for us all because of neglected taking care of our world.